See the movie Quills, then tell me you don’t have time to write…

If you’ve seen this movie you know what I’m talking about.  If not, go watch it.  What you’ll realize is that any excuse not to write is just that, an excuse.  The other day I was writing in the library and couldn’t get MS Word to fire up-we’ve all been there right?  So easy to waste time diagnosing, tinkering, fidgeting.

Not good.  Opened up a text file and wrote in that.  Write when you can, with what you have.  Your drive for writing should be such that you would write on a grocery bag with a crayon if that’s what was available.  Or, as in the movie, with something much worse, on something much more fragile.  Get it down however you can, make it look pretty later.  Now, go fire it up.

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