I didn’t think much of this until I did it… changed everything…

It’s known as not breaking the chain, and is usually attributed to Jerry Seinfeld.  The idea is he would print out a calendar and put an X in every day that he wrote.  Kept it going until he had a chain of X’s that was consistent enough to make him want to keep going so as not to break the chain.

Sounds easy right?  Like something a teacher would use in grammar school.

So what…

it works.

Print out your calendar, go write for whatever length of time or number of words you decide, put a big X in the square, repeat the next day.

Trust me… after a few days of this you will find yourself not wanting to break that string of X’s.  The visual is what’s working here,  seeing your progress on paper will move you to just do something even if it’s only for 5 minutes so you can keep the chain going.

If you’re so inclined there are even apps that will track habits for you in this manner.  Whatever you choose, trust me this works.

Now go hit print, put in an X and do the same tomorrow.  Worst thing that could happen?  Nothing.



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