Treat your writing…

…like a business.

If you treat it like a hobby, a weekend pursuit, or something you do “when you can find the time”… it will show.

It will show in the lack of progress, the lack of people taking your writing seriously, and your own dissatisfaction with the whole process.  If you’re not taking this seriously why should anybody else?

How to treat it like a business?  Make a list of your job requirements… should look something like this:

– Show up on time

– Do good work

– Take it seriously

– Find ways to improve your work and yourself

– Set a schedule or time management process for your projects.

Simple right?

The best writers I know have a “work week” that would sound something like “I write on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and Sunday morning before the kids are up.”

Every day would be great and if you’re doing that you should be writing a blog so we can see how you do that.  But for us mere mortals…

If this is something you’re serious about – get…serious…about it.

The final benefit?   You will like how this feels.  The biggest source of frustration usually comes from doing things we think will give us pleasure i.e. watching TV instead of writing, reading social media like it’s some kind of nutrient for the brain instead of writing, sleeping in instead of writing.  As you’ve seen here before, it’s like going to the gym…tough to get started sometimes, but glad you did it…


As Dorothy Parker said, “I don’t like writing, but I like having written.”