Looking to focus better while you write…?

There are so many bells and whistles with MS Word that it’s easy to get caught up in the font and appearance rabbit hole, eating up hours of otherwise productive writing time.  There are several apps or downloads that can provide you a clean interface for writing and a simple Google search or a visit to Lifehacker.com will show you these.

However…since most of us write on Word they have addressed this issue.  You’re most likely already aware of “read-mode” under the view tab which gets you an almost distraction free writing surface.  You can take it a step further by clicking the down arrow in the quick access toolbar on the top left and do the following:

More commands/choose commands from/commands not in ribbon/toggle full screen view/add.

This will add a new icon to the top left which can give you the cleanest writing surface, push esc key to return.

Now…you’ll need to find something else to distract you from writing-stack the deck in your favor.  Happy writing.

It is far better to be exhausted from …

doing something, than to be tired from doing nothing.  The feeling of having done it surpasses any hedonistic pleasure you get from putting it off.  It can even generate energy you didn’t even know you have.  It’s like an engine, we can sit in the car and wait for it to take us somewhere, or we can turn the key, put it in gear, apply the gas….and momentum takes over.

It’s the same with you… turn the key, in gear, gas…you know the rest.

The cure for procrastination is…

to just start.  Pick up the pen, open the document, put on the running shoes.  The rest will come, and then procrastination is non-existent.  You can read all the blog posts and websites and books about all the apps and tricks to get over procrastination, but just starting makes all that superfluous.

You’ve done this before and you can do it again, and I challenge you to recall an exercise or creative session that you regretted later on.  You won’t regret this one either.

For more take a look at a brilliant work on this: Mini Habits by Stephen Guise


You can create a world that becomes real…

The other day a friend asked if my main character in “Run For the Money“, Travis Black, was going to be in my 2nd book.  When I heard this it made me realize…something that hadn’t been there before was now made real.  If 2 people are standing on a porch talking about it, it exists.  And if you made it up, well…the feeling is magic.  You have sprinkled fairy dust and it came alive…write, and write some more, and feel the magic.