You want the visual definition of persistence? Go rent this movie…

Actually, there are several but I will recommend one.

You can go see any Rocky movie, anything like Pumping Iron will do also.

However, there’s an older one that has a scene which will show you the entire concept of persistence in 60 seconds.

“Treasure of the Sierra Madre”.  There’s a scene where Bogey is at a bar in Mexico, down on his luck, and a young boy asks him if he wants to buy lottery tickets.  In typical Bogey style the way the kid is treated doesn’t go well at first.

However, so as not to spoil it, when you see this ask yourself “When would I have given up trying to get this guy to buy a ticket?”

Apply this to your creative pursuit – there is no quitting – there is no failure…if you have the right mindset.

Now go fire it up.


“The purpose of life…

is to be defeated by greater and greater things.”

Don’t know who said it, but it says it all.  What chance do you have to get anywhere unless you fail along the way?  It’s a part of the process and nothing comes to those who try to jump over that.

It’s like looking for 6 minute abs or the free lunch.  You’ll keep chasing that while the ones who get ahead do one thing and they do it well: they plod.

Through failures, false starts and frustrations … none of these setbacks enter their mind as anything but something that needs to be overcome.

So go fire it up, and be the kind of person who doesn’t stop.


Your demons may have left the building, but they’re out in the parking lot doing push-ups…

Nobody gets through this without them.  The demons, the thoughts, paranoia, anxiety about the future and regrets about the past.  It’s not that the great ones don’t have them, they most likely have boatloads.  The trick comes in how they handle them…

2 ways.  First, get into them, deal with them, wrestle ’em to the ground and beat the crap out of ’em.  See a professional, read the books, stay up late and work it out.


Just do the thing anyway.  The demon will be there in one form or another no matter what you do.  This way is much easier, and I think it’s more effective.  The best cure for not being able to do what you want to do…is to write down one little thing that gets you closer…got it?  Now go do that.

The silver bullet we’re all looking for, it was there all the time…

Where?  Nowhere.

There isn’t one.  Nonexistent.  But before you go… thinking what a crude clickbait headline that is, frame it from a different angle.

The silver bullet is that there is no silver bullet.

Like many things related to the creative spirit, simple yet frustrating.  Instead of looking for it, googling it, buying it…get in front of your keyboard, palette, camera or whatever….and just start doing it.  Pecking away at the keyboard a little every day will blow all the trick, apps, software and how-to books out of the water.  The act of doing is it’s own reward, and then you’ll find…

that you have indeed found the silver bullet.

Now go fire it up.


A famous magician once said, “The real illusion for most people is their own limitations.”

Or put another way, the limits you place on your own ability are based on the past.  They have no basis in fact, proof or what really happens out there.

Go on you tube and watch one armed girls weight lift, guys with no legs climb mountains, a blind guy who can fool the most observant expert with what he can do with a deck of cards, (Richard Turner).  Then after you’ve watched a few of these, go justify your limits and excuses.  You won’t be able to.  If they can do those things, you can get over your roadblocks one way or another…or, just do the thing anyway – that’s usually the best way to get over an obstacle.

Now, watch what the human body is capable of, then go physically manifest the dream you’ve been carrying around.