Writing is a gym for your brain…

It has been proven that exercise does as much for your brain as it does for your body.  If you need proof just read John Ratey’s book  Go Wild.

The other side of the coin is the thinking, cognition and imagination that it takes to string a few pages together daily is enough workout for your brain to actually expand its capacity, at the same time getting you further in your creative endeavor.

When you’ve worked yourself into a habit of regular creative pursuit you can feel the difference in your conscience, your being and your vision.

So to tie this all together, if exercising regularly is as simple as getting the appropriate clothes and gear on, then writing regularly should be as simple as sitting in front of the keyboard.  Neither one are that simple, but you can’t do them without putting on your shoes or opening the document.  Action first, motivation later – it is always that way.  Fire it up.

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