If you’re writing for money…

it’s hard.  Write because you like to write.  If you want someone to buy your art it has to be good, has to move them, has to reach in and touch them.  The only way you’re going to do that is moving yourself, reaching inside yourself and putting it on the page.  When you stop thinking of the end result i.e. a check, an award, a deal…and concentrate on the body of work, a funny thing will happen – the end result gets closer, maybe in a different form, but it’s there.

It’s like the old inner game books on tennis or golf, the minute you focus on the stroke or swing a different part of your brain kicks in and actually works against what you desire.  If you let the subconscious take over the brain will reach down and deliver to you what you need – also know as being in the zone.

Get in the zone, and deliver – it’s why you got in this gig in the first place.


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