You have your chance…

We’re all in a stay at home quarantine, isolation, or social distance mode. Sure it’s tough, more of an adjustment for some than for others.

But for you writers out there…this is a gift.

Less commute time, less yakking around the water cooler time, you get the drift.

Inversely this may mean other distractions: kids, dogs, chores staring at you, etc.

Get all that out of your system and take the extra 30 minutes a day you have and get on with it.

If it’s a book you’re writing I have a recommendation: Beginnings, Middles & Ends (Elements of Fiction Writing) by Nancy Kress

As the title suggests she covers from start to finish, what’s so valuable about this is she writes as if she’s sitting at the computer with you, especially…

during the torturous middle.

Yes, it’s probably why you’re stuck.  You’ve written the beginnings, you know how it’s going to end…

but what do I do to get from point A to point Z?

You’re not alone, and her book is a great help.

So, get out the calendar, make an entry that looks like this: WRITE

And go do it…



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