“Don’t write about a character, become that character and then write your story…”

How much more granular could you get than that?  Immersion, to the point that nothing else matters.  Isn’t that why you got into this gig in the first place?  To get carried away by your own inner voice and have other people be thrilled by it?

Dive into your story, but go deeper.  Become it in a metaphysical sense, walk the walk of your protagonist, fear your villain, twist and manipulate the reader to the point that you’ve taken him somewhere he never imagined… as well as yourself.

Go fire it up.

“I’m not afraid of the fighter who knows 10,000 kicks, I’m afraid of the fighter who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee

The master speaks.  It’s not anything revolutionary is it?  But it sinks in… determination, grit, persistence…these all win out over jumping around trying to learn or do the latest thing.

Pick your spot and work it.  Improve yourself just 1% every day and in 3 months that’s more than a double.  It’s simple, just not easy.  Nothing worthwhile is.

Now, instead of looking for something go fire up what’s already inside you.  Be the guy Bruce Lee is afraid of.


A good protocol you follow is better than a perfect one you don’t.

In other words, quit shining the tires rims and put the key in the ignition.  Quit formatting Word from one font to another and changing the margins, and change the view to full screen and start writing.

Or, instead of downloading a book on how to be more productive, you become so immersed in your creative pursuit that the idea of productivity doesn’t even come up.

Or, instead of wondering if I know what I’m talking about, close this window and go do the one thing that – at the end of today – will make you fist pump and go “Yeah! Nailed it!”

Go fire it up…


Old saying: “Don’t ask what’s holding it up, just keep hammering…”

So true for most of us.  Overthinking such things as why it works, or why it doesn’t, or how to change it…in reality it’s the doing that shows you what needs to be done.  Looking for an app or a new method of whatever it is you’re trying to do will only get you so far.

Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard or key in the ignition – do those things…now we’re talking action, progress, forward motion.  The rest is just a preamble –

Now go fire it up.


This is really all it comes down to…

You have everything you need right now to do what you want to do.  You know what it takes and have acquired the knowledge to live the life you keep telling yourself you want to live.  There is only one thing stopping you.


The winners in this life just get up and do it regardless, while the rest look at them and come up with reasons why it’s different for them or it won’t work for us… whatever.  Stop looking, searching and tweaking…and start doing.  It’s the only thing that moves you forward.

Start now, baby steps, just a couple of sentences in that book you want to write, just a couple of push-ups, just a 10 minute burst of de-cluttering, just anything and you’ll feel better and go farther than you originally thought.

Now go fire it up, and see how much farther you can get.


“He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch.”

Don’t know who said it, it’s sort of along the same lines as being too busy creating that you don’t have time to worry about how to get more creative, or what people might think, or what that person meant about what they said…and so on.

You are the judge of yourself, do what you would approve of, not what you think would please whoever.

Just start, move forward, make changes as necessary…then look back and wonder what you were so worried about.

Now go fire it up.     J

You know how sometimes no matter what you do you can’t seem to write…?

Here’s one solution.  See a cool movie.  Embrace the fact that sometimes you need to get out of your own head and into somebody else’s.  Somebody who makes the kind of movies you wish you could write.  Somebody who comes up with the coolest plot twists and devices, somebody who makes an art form out of dialogue and action.

Make some notes, key in on a line or scene and see how it could fit into your project.  After the movie you’ll get a new appreciation for the art form and do something to become a part of that world.

As for me, I’m going to see the new Mission Impossible movie right now, should be plenty of wild stuff in there to get the juices flowing.

Now go fire it up.    J

It’s okay to be lazy, as long as you do this…


You can be a procrastinator, a lazy slacker, incompetent or lost.  But there is one thing that will get you where you want to go regardless:  action.

Right?  We know this but then we try to find some plan that will make us happy or productive or whatever…and it works for a while then we’re back to the routine.

Instead of looking for the one perfect  plan that will spur you on to action… just take the action.

That is the plan.  Action is the only thing that gets you moving forward – so go do that thing and when you’re done you’ll realize we all look at this backwards: motivation comes after action.

Now go fire it up.