Our lust for future comfort…

…is the biggest thief of life.  We waste so many days waiting for the weekend, so many nights wanting morning,

Not sure who said it, but it rings true.

Another way to look at it is asking yourself…

What gives me juice?  

What kicks me in the butt and gets me moving?  

What is my source of energy for that extra mile?

I have my own feeling about this.  If you look outside of you for juice, inspiration, the extra breath…you will always be looking outside yourself.  Instead…

create your own juice.  

You have everything inside you now to begin… it’s in your hands.

Now go create something and make yourself feel like nothing on the outside has the power to.



It’s a mess, and it should be…

The creation of a story from start to finish isn’t some clean, linear process that moves along like a train.  If you write you already know this.

If you’re going to write, you will learn it.

What’s my point?  The mess is not just part of the process, it is the process.  The only way you’re going to flesh out the thread of the story and make it interesting to others is to create chaos, wreak havoc, have papers with notes in the margins all over the desk, quick memos on your phone app, and a few hastily written chapters on your PC that end up being a montage of scenes with no coherent thread.

It is only by entering this realm will you find what’s been there all along…the story.

The muse shows up when and only when you sit down to write.  Wait for her and never write a word…start creating chaos and a mess, she’ll feel welcome and teach you a thing or two.

So get your mess started, it’s the only way, we all do it, and really…isn’t this why you write in the first place?  To create madness?