Look Behind You….

This has become the working title of the sequel to Run for the Money.  Originally I had Go for the Dough as sort of a follow on title but it doesn’t ring true- doesn’t come off the tongue quite the way I want it to.

A working title is important, even if you end up using something else…you need a theme to write to, an image, a poster for what’s in your head to get out on the screen.  In a later post I’ll put up the cover image I’m using – I keep this image up in the corner of the monitor as I write, and it centers me, I find myself looking at it from time to time as a guidepost.

The pros tell us to have a one sentence theme that is the driver of your story taped to your monitor….sometimes, there’s nothing like a picture of what’s in your head to make you peck the keyboard a little longer.



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