Aerobic writing, and a challenge…

First, no- we’re not going to talk about writing while riding in spin class, nor dictating into your phone while running.

The premise is framed by this question:  Have you ever finished at the gym, showered, dressed, and said to yourself, “I wish I hadn’t done that.”?  My challenge is to find somebody who says yes.

Hasn’t happened.

Second question, (and you know where this is going) Have you ever finished a session of writing and said “I wish I hadn’t done that.”?


Now stay with me…

The 2 activities mentioned above, exercising and pursuing your creative passion, are the 2 hardest things to start yet the most satisfying when you’ve finished – even if the workout or the writing is mediocre at best.

Your brain will do anything it can to keep you in your comfort zone, your excuses will have the most rational thoughts behind them and sound perfectly legitimate to the part of your consciousness whose sole job is to protect you.

Recognize this for what it is, a defense mechanism against something you don’t need protection from.  Like all of the best things in life, the pursuit of that post-exercise endorphin rush or post-writing fist pump after an idea that popped in your head…

they come with a price.

Pay it.


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