Your brain is ready to give up much before your…

body.  You  know this to be true if you’ve ever pushed yourself athletically.  When you just know you can’t go any further something inside of you pulls it out.  Whether you’re feeding off of stored energy reserves or some kind of mind over matter process really doesn’t matter, what does matter is this is a real thing you can use in other areas.

Like the creative pursuit.

If you’re waiting for inspiration, energy, flow or a muse … wait on, they show up after you begin.  They really get going when you reach down inside and pull out the reserves, the afterburners, that reservoir of energy we all have but seldom believe in.

Believe in it, make it show up by expecting it through what you do, not what you wait for.

Grab that blank sheet of paper or canvas and put something on it, the end result doesn’t get started by any other method.  Every great thing began with a thought, some uncertainty, and a  blank canvas – now go fire it up.



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