A well known martial arts instructor had this to say…

“The brain is the weapon, your body is just a tool.”

Before you click off thinking martial arts and writing don’t go together, think about this:  the above quote applies to:

Everything in life.

You sit at your computer and play with a sentence structure or invent a character or pull a side plot out of your head that fixes an earlier problem – you are using a tool, but the impetus, the gun, the weapon…is your mind.  The typewriter, the pen, the keyboard…they are merely following instructions as they come spinning from your imaginative brain.

Take this into whatever part of your life you want to, and think about how similar it is to what I recently heard a Navy seal say on a podcast, “The brain is ready to give up way before the body is.”  It’s reverse, but it’s the same, it’s all in your head mate – now go use it.

Need more?  Go read “Living with a Seal” by Jesse Itzler.  https://amzn.com/B00U6DNZB2

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