You want the visual definition of persistence? Go rent this movie…

Actually, there are several but I will recommend one.

You can go see any Rocky movie, anything like Pumping Iron will do also.

However, there’s an older one that has a scene which will show you the entire concept of persistence in 60 seconds.

“Treasure of the Sierra Madre”.  There’s a scene where Bogey is at a bar in Mexico, down on his luck, and a young boy asks him if he wants to buy lottery tickets.  In typical Bogey style the way the kid is treated doesn’t go well at first.

However, so as not to spoil it, when you see this ask yourself “When would I have given up trying to get this guy to buy a ticket?”

Apply this to your creative pursuit – there is no quitting – there is no failure…if you have the right mindset.

Now go fire it up.


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