Your demons may have left the building, but they’re out in the parking lot doing push-ups…

Nobody gets through this without them.  The demons, the thoughts, paranoia, anxiety about the future and regrets about the past.  It’s not that the great ones don’t have them, they most likely have boatloads.  The trick comes in how they handle them…

2 ways.  First, get into them, deal with them, wrestle ’em to the ground and beat the crap out of ’em.  See a professional, read the books, stay up late and work it out.


Just do the thing anyway.  The demon will be there in one form or another no matter what you do.  This way is much easier, and I think it’s more effective.  The best cure for not being able to do what you want to do…is to write down one little thing that gets you closer…got it?  Now go do that.

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