Which is more difficult, doing it, or thinking about how you don’t want to do it?

Our anticipation of the drudgery, consequences, dilemmas that will come with whatever it is we’re putting off are at times overwhelming to the point where we won’t do a thing.  It’s just easier to go to a movie or lay on the beach than to attempt tackling our project.

But think about it.  The anticipation of the turmoil is actually worse than the turmoil, if there is even turmoil at all.  You know this, you’ve gone through it before but it bears repeating.

Just starting is the easiest way – everything else: research, time saving techniques you look up online, self imposed deadlines that get pushed forward – these are all pain.  Starting becomes painless so soon that you don’t even know you’re doing something you didn’t want to do.

Now, go fire it up.  Just start, the rest is easy.


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