Writing software… useful tool or the ultimate procrastination device?

The company that makes Scrivener has come out with a type of mind mapping tool for writers.  Looks interesting, useful, and is modestly priced.  But like Scrivener and any other writing software, there’s a fine line between productivity and a time sucking fascination with all the cool things  it can do.

For me, the best bet is to open a simple text file, get the writing done in a distraction free environment, and transfer to Word or whatever later.  Even Word with all it has can take up to 1/2 a day just on layouts and fonts.  Be aware of these traps, and just write.

So now there’s this…

First this started out as a hobby, writing a book and sending it off to an agent.  Long story short, the agents wanted this or that fixed, those of you who’ve been there know it’s a frustrating process, so I went the self-publishing route.

So much easier!  No committee, no gate keepers, just me and my work.  The challenge: getting the word out.

First friends and family, then Twitter, Goodreads, and now this blog.  Hope you enjoy the posts on writing, creativity and the process.