Making your own juice…

Where we are today with mobile devices pulling our attention has been written about extensively and I can’t add anything to the discussion except this…

Create your own distractions.

When you click on whatever and get pulled down the rabbit hole…you have made a choice to let someone else’s creation sway your brain cells.

In other words, they win.

How do you win instead?

Create more than you consume.

Whether it’s writing, building, volunteering or starting a vegetable garden or a new project… anything that you produce yourself as a creative outlet is a win for you.

If nobody else consumes it, big deal.  It’s your creation, create it for you and let the chips fall where they may.

Just know this…searching for “the juice” on your smartphone or on social media will have the opposite result: you will be drained.

The only way to get that “juice”…is from you.  Now go do it and see how it feels.



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