Don’t know who said this, but it works…

“The best things in your life happen outside your comfort zone.”

It’s in our heads to seek comfort, security, the sure thing.  It’s in your best interest to not do that.  Pretty sure it was Helen Keller who said “Life is either a great adventure, or nothing.”  The great adventure, that’s up to you to decide what it is…but I guarantee you…there will be steps along the way that are way outside of your comfort zone.

When you visualize them, analyze them and prepare for them you will feel the fear and resistance that every creative adventure is full of.

Three words for you…

Do it anyway.

The comfort zone your brain seeks isn’t designed to get you anywhere except to a warm bed at night.  Get out of it.  Look back on the great things you remember in your life…they all started out there.

No go show us something great.


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