Ever read one of those writing books with a title like…

Finish your novel in 30 days, Write your breakout bestseller on weekends, finish that book inside you in 90 days, write your outline in 60 minutes…you get the idea – do they work?

Nope – you do.

These books are neither good nor bad, they just are.  If you commit to writing your novel in 30 days, write down the steps it will take to do it, then do those steps – well there you have it.  If you say you’re committed on your blog and to your friends – but don’t follow through with the steps…then there is another name for that:

Being committed to the idea of being committed.

Go further, keep it simple, stop looking for the secret.  Everything you need to finish it is already inside you – look within –

Now, go fire it up.




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