If more information was the answer…

we’d all be billionaires with 6-pack abs.

Seriously, lack of information isn’t the problem – if you want to find out how to do something, it’s there.  Need to change your brakes: YouTube; need to change your eating routine: blogs; need to learn how to write on a regular basis?  Oh wait…that’s a tough one.

Only problem is we as writers are drawn to articles, blogs and books that will somehow make the craft easier, more structured, more “in some kind of flow state”.  Message for you reading this:  stop looking.   It’s inside you, has been all the time.  You have everything you need to write your story or hone your craft – the only thing left is actually what can’t be taught: persistence, consistency, ritual.  Soldiers do it, pilots do it, doctors do it – a checklist of the necessary ingredients of a ritual or routine.  The doing of those items one at a time without waiting for the right moment.

So, unplug from the overdose of information and out there and be the creator you want to be, instead of the consumer of the creativity of someone else.

It’s starts with only one step… the first one.

Now go fire it up.



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