We all know this but it needs emphasis: It’s like clay…

If you sit and stare at a lump of clay nothing will happen.  But if you start molding it, shaping it, twisting it around, making changes, something develops.

It is the only way.  If you knew someone who liked the idea of clay sculpting but was “blocked” or couldn’t think of anything what would you tell them?  Something like, “Well, why don’t you play around with some clay and see what it wants you to make?”  Sounds so simple right?  However, we as writers find it so easy to come up with reasons we don’t write.  We all have used all of them… not enough time, blocked, more research, yada yada.

Answer, go play around with it and see what comes out of your head.  Anything else is a fantasy. And, no matter how long you’ve been at this, your first draft will be terrible.  That’s when you mold it, shape it, twist it and make changes.  Then…you will have something you can get your arms around.

Now, go find some clay and fire it up.


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