These words are trap doors, don’t fall…

When you’ve done your first draft, then edited it, edited it again, and again…you’ve probably smoked out some plot kinks, maybe some structural flaws, and smoothed out some inconsistencies.  You might call this a macro or big picture edit.  Now it’s time to get into the weeds.

Do a search for words ending in “ly”, take them out unless absolutely necessary (like the one I just used).  Adverbs don’t move the story forward, they accent something that shouldn’t need accenting: strong words.

Do a search for the phrase “the fact that” and restructure it.  Any sentence with this in it can be shortened by at least three words and made stronger.

Search for the word “also”, usually signifying the passive voice.  Reword.

Strength lies in brevity and action, not in more words.  Now go fire it up.

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